Sunday, September 04, 2011

Well, Hello There!

Yes, Yes, I know... it has been almost a YEAR since my last blog post. I am not sure about the statute of limitations on what an active blog is, but maybe I can resuscitate this one... hopefully blogging a little more often. Most of you who follow my blog are aware of what goes on in my life via Facebook, Twitter, and my other blog. However, since this one still exists, technically, I decided to post a photo of our two kids... to catch up on life over the past (almost) year!

Henry turns 3 later this month. He is getting really big (size-wise, he is in a size 4T, and climbs in and out of his car booster seat with ease). Big kid, not a surprise... but what I am most amazed by every day is how bright and charming he is. He's picking up on some of his big sister's dramatic ways, but usually he's just a sweet boy. He still might bite occasionally. We are working on that!

Henry loves to follow Lucy around and say/do everything she says/does! Everything! He is a smarty and a great talker, his vocabulary is tremendous... but he's not just a parakeet, he is creative and inquisitive, I'm just a proud mom. He's a darling child, aside from the fighting with his sister, and his messy eating habits, I just couldn't ask for a better son.

Lucy is such a kid. The other day we were at Kohl's and she started eyeing all the little kid jewelry and "makeup", she is going to be riding a big yellow school bus in a couple of short days (whoa) and she can read a little bit. She is good at writing her numbers and letters (and some words), she can do adding problems without paper, and she knows too many of the words to Lady GaGa's "Just Dance". She is completely fearless with rides, climbing, trying new things, anything that might post a remove physical danger, you can't keep her away. Since getting rid of TV she has found a new electronic addiction in the Wii... which we attempt to limit, but she's so good at Donkey Kong it's kind of impressive. Kids today. She'll be FIVE on October 1.

Here is a recent photo of our dynamic duo!

I promise to try to blog more.. that is, if anyone is still out there reading! LOL