Monday, September 25, 2006

Lauren Pictures

No - this isn't ours! We visited our friends Lisa and Dave on Monday to see them and their new baby Lauren! Here's a few photos:

Saturday, September 23, 2006

One Small Step for Nova, One Giant Leep for Nova-Kind ...

Wow ... what a relief! After years of having the Nova up on jackstands, I finally got it off of the jackstands about a month ago. Since then, I've been prepping it for more prep work, so I can paint it. That time has finally come.

Today, my father-in-law Larry, and I towed the Nova over to his barn. We started to sand the areas of the Nova body that needed some attention. It'll be a lot of work, but if I spend a couple of hours each night sanding the body of it, it should be ready for primer before next weekend.

So, weather pending, next weekend the Nova should be completely primered, and possibly even painted. It might not be painted by next weekend though, since I'll be spending a lot of time wet sanding the primer, paint layers, etc. This also depends on the weather, because with all of the rain we've been getting lately, it can add a lot of humidity to the air, which is not a good thing for paint. I can get away with primering it in high humidity levels, since I need to sand it anyway, but I do need to be careful when I lay the paint down.

Once the paint job is complete, I'll start on the motor. I picked up a 1992 Chevy 350 from the Detroit area. I probably won't do a major rebuild to it, but I will replace all of the gaskets, add a new intake, starter, alternator, etc, etc.

Well, that's the update on the Nova. I'm very excited for the restoration being where it is. It's been a long road with a lot of work.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lauren Mae Wnuk

Early this morning our friends Lisa and Dave had their baby girl, Lauren Mae. She was just 5 days late. Even though Lisa had been having some contractions for a couple days, nothing was really "happening". Last night they started coming a little more regularly and they went to the hospital. She was at about 4 cm, so they broke her water and then things really got going... thank goodness for modern medicine, because she was able to get pain relief and rest for a while during much of her progression. Around 3 AM it was time to push, and less than an hour later her daughter was born, with a full head of dark hair. She was 8 lbs. 2 oz, and 20" long - just perfect! We are so happy for them and excited to meet the little girl. I will add a photo soon.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Second Ultrasound

This photo of the feet won't give away what the baby looks like!

This afternoon Ron and I went to get another ultrasound (routine to check baby's vitals, size, position, amount of fluid, and a dozen other things)... and this included another 3D (4D Real Time) view of the baby... it was really interesting to see the face again, and try to guess if it's a girl or boy! We had the chance again to find out, but figuring we've made it this far...

So the technicican saved a lot of pictures to a CD for us, and also printed several. Ron even videotaped some of the "moving pictures" on the screen with our digital camera... not something typically allowed, but she said, "technically it's not a video camera, so I don't have a problem with it." Well, we're not advertising the fact that we got to do that, but we're really glad to have that as an additional keepsake. How many people get to have video of their unborn baby! Baby was moving around, and even opened his/her eyes a few times. Everything looks real good again.

I'm not posting any facial photos yet. We'll consider that after the baby comes. Hopefully that's not too long from now!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Goodbye (sad)

Late last night (actually, we were already in bed) Ron and I decided that we had to take Marley to the emergency animal hospital on Plainfield. He had become sick very quickly, and researching what was wrong, and talking to a veterinarian on the phone, we knew there was nothing we could do for him. He was clearly suffering and I knew that his time was running out. We thought we'd wait and see how it was in the morning, but not long after getting in bed we just started worrying that he'd die in the middle of the night... I hated the idea of that. So we threw on some clothes and drove to the animal hospital... Ron filled out the paperwork and we spent some time with him in a little room, just holding him and petting him, I guess trying to make him feel safe and "normal". After a little while it just seemed like it was time to let him go (when is it ever a "good" time?), and the lady came in the room, and I handed him up to her... they went into another room and I think that by the time we got into the car and started it, he was probably gone. I just sobbed all the way home.

I am starting to get accustomed to him not being around, but I still get really sad thinking about him. I keep expecting to see him, and we've been remembering all the cute little things he used to do. I know it's just a cat, but Ron and I are both devastated about losing him. It'll get easier and easier each day but when we're at home, we can definitely feel his absence. I know we gave him a good home, and 2 more years than he may have had, so we try to use that as consolation. We'll never forget him!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Twins = 1 Year!

Tonight we went to the birthday party for Garrett and Ian, who turn ONE year old this weekend. It was a lot of fun - we got to see EVERYONE again, including Steve's parents, and Debbie and Jason, and.. everyone. A lot of kids running around! There was pizza, cake and ice cream. The boys were so cute when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to them, and they had their little party hats on. I don't think they knew what to make of the whole ordeal. They each got a little cupcake and basically crumbled them up on their high chair trays, maybe a little got eaten! Ian had some blue frosting in his hair, but otherwise it wasn't too messy. I can't believe it's been a year already... They're getting to be pretty big, and actually seem tall for their age.

I also got some more stuff from Heather and from Julie, so we're starting to accumulate lots of clothes (despite not knowing the baby's sex) and also feeding supplies. When we have the baby and know if it's a boy or girl I am sure the hand-me-downs will start really coming in!

Tomorrow: party at Hiddema's. It's a busy weekend.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fruit Shortage

Somehow our grocery shopping has fallen by the wayside and we have not kept up on my fruit supply. I have to admit I haven't really had too many moments that I would call "cravings" ... I think a craving a really strong need for a certain something, not just "oh, that sounds pretty good". However, right now I am craving citrus fruits. I ate a medium sized bag of blueberries that were partially frozen, and that was good... but I could go for some pineapple or an orange right now. I know fruity cravings are usually a sign (old wive's tale) of a baby girl, one of many old wive's tales I match up with - even though they should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm really starting to obsess about the girl or boy question, and about getting the house clean and everything ready. Today I washed all the wood floors.

Tomorrow is Lisa's baby shower - finally! One week before she is due! I got her a really nice assortment of gifts, I think, and I hope she likes them. Most were from her registry ... so I'm sure she will. She got us some nice gifts too, so it's the least I could do. I can't wait for her baby to come and I hope everything goes well with her labor and delivery. I bet she's getting very anxious.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Time to Pack ?

Yesterday Ron and I had a meeting with the pediatrician - Dr. Taylor. We just talked about general things to expect during the first few days/weeks of the baby's life. He was very laid-back about things, and it made me feel good about the decisions Ron and I have made and will make after the baby comes. Bottom line: trust your instincts. Of course if there is ever a situation where I am at a loss, I can call him or someone at his office and get help. There are so many over-the-top precautions new parents are pressured into taking... but many of them are unnecessary. We're relying on common sense combined with modern knowledge.

At this point I should start thinking about putting some key items in my hospital bag. It's hard to pack everything (I can't go without my toothbrush for 4 weeks), but I just want the day to arrive and somehow I think (illogical as it is) that if I pack now, I'll be "closer" to having the baby. Well, I think it can wait. Even when it is time, I'll have a chance to throw the last-minute items together. No need to panic. I'm just anxious for the day to come.

Today is my mom's birthday - she turns 50! She doesn't seem 50... I don't think she looks 50. Anyway, we're going over there for dinner tonight to celebrate. Nothing fancy, because she doesn't want that kind of thing. Then tomorrow night (Friday) Ron and I are going to see a Second City performance at the Knick in Holland. We have seats near the front, toward the right-hand side. It should be pretty funny. Maybe we can find a way to work a dinner into the evening, but we're a little short on cash lately...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Starting Over... New Blog!

This is our new blog... we'll see if Ron and I can keep up on this one better than my old one, which I deleted after 1 year. I figure with a baby on the way soon we'll have plenty to write about, and we can share this blog with family and friends. Ron is back to school today, and it's strange to stay home, knowing that I will not be returning to GHS to sub anymore. Actually, it's a huge relief, and I can't wait for the baby to arrive so I can fill my day with taking care of her / him, and taking care of our home. I think the baby will force me to be up and busy all day, and I'll be a lot less likely to sit around and watch game shows...

5 more weeks, give or take, and we'll know if this is a little girl or boy...

These pictures were taken back in early June... but this is what we have to go by for now!