Sunday, September 17, 2006

Goodbye (sad)

Late last night (actually, we were already in bed) Ron and I decided that we had to take Marley to the emergency animal hospital on Plainfield. He had become sick very quickly, and researching what was wrong, and talking to a veterinarian on the phone, we knew there was nothing we could do for him. He was clearly suffering and I knew that his time was running out. We thought we'd wait and see how it was in the morning, but not long after getting in bed we just started worrying that he'd die in the middle of the night... I hated the idea of that. So we threw on some clothes and drove to the animal hospital... Ron filled out the paperwork and we spent some time with him in a little room, just holding him and petting him, I guess trying to make him feel safe and "normal". After a little while it just seemed like it was time to let him go (when is it ever a "good" time?), and the lady came in the room, and I handed him up to her... they went into another room and I think that by the time we got into the car and started it, he was probably gone. I just sobbed all the way home.

I am starting to get accustomed to him not being around, but I still get really sad thinking about him. I keep expecting to see him, and we've been remembering all the cute little things he used to do. I know it's just a cat, but Ron and I are both devastated about losing him. It'll get easier and easier each day but when we're at home, we can definitely feel his absence. I know we gave him a good home, and 2 more years than he may have had, so we try to use that as consolation. We'll never forget him!

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kelly said...

I'm so sorry about Marley you guys. Mom told me yesterday. He was such a good cat (even when he'd claw my ankles :)). Like you said, though, you gave him a good home and he was a much happier kitty recently than when you first got him. He used to be such a scaredy cat, but you could tell he was happy and felt safe with you guys.