Thursday, September 07, 2006

Time to Pack ?

Yesterday Ron and I had a meeting with the pediatrician - Dr. Taylor. We just talked about general things to expect during the first few days/weeks of the baby's life. He was very laid-back about things, and it made me feel good about the decisions Ron and I have made and will make after the baby comes. Bottom line: trust your instincts. Of course if there is ever a situation where I am at a loss, I can call him or someone at his office and get help. There are so many over-the-top precautions new parents are pressured into taking... but many of them are unnecessary. We're relying on common sense combined with modern knowledge.

At this point I should start thinking about putting some key items in my hospital bag. It's hard to pack everything (I can't go without my toothbrush for 4 weeks), but I just want the day to arrive and somehow I think (illogical as it is) that if I pack now, I'll be "closer" to having the baby. Well, I think it can wait. Even when it is time, I'll have a chance to throw the last-minute items together. No need to panic. I'm just anxious for the day to come.

Today is my mom's birthday - she turns 50! She doesn't seem 50... I don't think she looks 50. Anyway, we're going over there for dinner tonight to celebrate. Nothing fancy, because she doesn't want that kind of thing. Then tomorrow night (Friday) Ron and I are going to see a Second City performance at the Knick in Holland. We have seats near the front, toward the right-hand side. It should be pretty funny. Maybe we can find a way to work a dinner into the evening, but we're a little short on cash lately...

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