Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

First off - today is Ron's 31st birthday - happy birthday hon, I love you!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. The weather was beautiful, and we even made it out to Saugatuck to wander around with our Otsego friends Eric and Jen. Everyone else must have had the same idea because it was a very busy town that afternoon! It was gorgeous weather and the sidewalks (and parking spots) were packed! I love it though, it's so pretty and the shops have such interesting, unique finds. I loved listening to a potter explain his methods, and was admiring one of his large shallow bowls until I saw the price tag ($250)! Well, he is very talented, but that's a bit steep for me! :) We had dinner and beers at Wally's and then went back to their house for a couple hours. Sunday our guest pastor at church was wonderfully inspiring and we came home and grilled hamburgers and hung out outside. Our neighbor came over and helped Ron with the pergola project (which is about 95% complete now!), and yesterday we went to the parade in Jenison (on Baldwin), then home to relax for a few hours before going to my parents' for grilled chicken. Lucy chased butterflies around with a net...

Henry seems to have some kind of allergy (pollen?) which makes the skin right around his eyes all red! Poor guy! But he's still a happy boy, and loves crawling around all over and pulling up on anything he can. We have already dropped the mattress down because before too much longer he'll have his feet under him.

Lucy got a big bucket of chalk from my grandparents last week, and is quickly wearing down the pink pieces.
Henry has spent some more time in the grass lately, and whenever anyone sees him sitting in grass they are surprised that it doesn't bother him. I think it often does feel strange to little ones at first, but neither of our kids minded it. However, he does try to eat it. This photo actually isn't from this weekend, but it's a recent one anyway. I was trying to get more of Lucy for a change, and her playtime outside was when Ron was digging up our massive hosta collection and I could keep an eye (and lens) on Lucy, while Henry was napping.

I believe I have a few on my camera I need to go through, but I realized it has been over a week since my last post! Generally things have been kind of uneventful around here, I guess! We're just glad to be able to go out in the yard almost every day and say hi to our wonderful neighbors, take walks, etc... which means less time on the computer, to be honest! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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