Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walk Like a Man

This morning Henry took 2 steps all by himself! Luckily we (even Lucy) were all watching him at the time :). It was just a couple, but it's a start. Soon he will be chasing Lucy through the house while she screams at him, hahahaha! He's 10 months and 1 day old.
photo from later that day:


Heath said...

Woo Hoo! Give it a couple of weeks and he will be cruisin into all sorts of trouble. When Avan came to visit over the 4th he was only taking a few steps, but when we saw him 2 weeks later he was walking from place to place with little problem. Its amazing how fast they grow and learn!

amberWIRE said...

That's so awesome! Did Lucy walk so early? It's so incredible how fast they grow!

Mindy said...

Heath - Yeah, it's a crazy age when they are old enough to walk but too young to know what's dangerous! I will reiterate AGAIN how glad I am to live in this house with young ones, so much safer than the last place.

Amber - Lucy was a couple days shy of 11 months old when she took her first steps, but was incredibly unstable for a few months.