Wednesday, August 05, 2009


This morning Ron, Lucy, and I went blueberry picking at Irvine's in Hudsonville. We got there around 9 AM, the dew was still on the grass, and the sun was still fairly low in the sky. It was beautiful, and we were the only ones there! The owner and her dog greeted us and told us all about their farm. Last year we went to Reender's, which was great, but we loved Irvine's because it was closer, smaller, less commercial, and had heirloom varieties instead of the most common "Bluecrop" which tend to be larger but sometimes less flavorful. The kind we picked were Rubels, planted by the owner's grandparents.

Anyway, Lucy helped a lot picking at first, but then switched over to more eating. We ended up taking home 5 pounds, which is a perfect amount (we didn't use up the 7 pounds we picked last year). I spent most of the time picking, believe it or not. However, I did bring my camera and took some photos after my bucket was getting full.

We left Henry at home this time, and my mom came over and watched him for a couple hours. It's nice to give Lucy a little extra special attention these days, since I think she is starting to get more competitive with Henry as he accomplishes new things and is interacting with her a lot more.

We definitely have our new favorite place to go pick. I love taking advantage of this kind of stuff where we live.

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