Monday, December 10, 2007

Blue Christmas

This is the new light fixture above the sink. As you can see, the crown molding and valence are done, and I have our lit garland on top of the cabinets. We chose a funky bluish purple light because I'm leaning toward shades of periwinkle blues for accents in the great room. Also we have both always wanted a pendant light with a colored glass shade... and since it's just one fixture, we figured why not have a little fun with it? We can easily swap it out for a plain one later if we get sick of it, or a different color if we want to change things up.

Here's a closer look at the shade... with criss-crossy clear lines that let the light kind of sparkle through.


amberWIRE said...

Hi Mindy!
Thanks for caring that bad people broke into my car. I love that blue light - very snazzy!

Katie said...

I love it!

aletha jo said...

Love the blue light too! FUN STUFF!