Friday, March 09, 2007


Today Lucy rolled from back to front truly all by herself for the first time! I could tell she was really close to doing it, so I grabbed my camera to take video before she actually did. I'm really glad because now Ron, and other family members can see it too.

This first video is pretty short - it does show her doing it, but not at a good angle. It's still technically the "first" time so I thought I'd post it anyway.

The next video is longer, but it shows it better. I was not too surprised that she was able to do it... I knew she had the ability, but she just hadn't put the pieces together until today (bringing both arms to the side at the same time, etc.). Well, it's pretty cool, and I'm proud of her development. I hope you enjoy watching her!


kelly said...

my baby's all grows up.. all grows up..

seriously, now she is mobile, which is great, but you are screwed. my friend's baby would mysteriously relocate from one side of the room to the other when she wasn't looking despite being unable to crawl. her words "it was tripping me out." ends up her daughter was rolling herself all the way across the room. ha! now you gotta always keep an eye on her! prepare for even more fun! :)

what was with the extreeeeeeme closeup toward the end of the 2nd video? whooaaaa!! whoooaaaa!!

Mindy said...

i was giving her a kiss on the head!

kelly said...

hehe. okay i'll permit that.

Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Baby said...


How exciting! You're so lucky that you caught it on camera! I admire you for doing such a good job of updating everyone.

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! Only two weeks to go (at most) :) And you're right, it will be well worth it in the end! Hope you're doing wonderfully well!

Take care dear,