Sunday, April 01, 2007

6 Months Old!

Here's the cake I made for Lucy - it didn't turn out exactly as I had in mind, but it was still pretty cute!

Here's is Heath and Kelly - they came up to visit for the weekend. The 4 of us (them, Ron, and I) went out to New Holland Brewery Saturday night for dinner and drinks, and then to Buffalo Wild Wings. Sunday we went to my parents' house for burgers and to celebrate Lucy's half-birthday :)

Here is Lucy eating some frosting on her little cake (an extra cake my mom bought just for Lucy to dig into). She didn't know what to think about all the attention, but she seemed to enjoy the frosting.

Here's Kelly holding her niece before we had cake.

More Photos from the weekend!


kelly said...

it was a lot of fun hanging out with you guys this weekend. that pic of me and heath turned out pretty good. funny that it is the one we goofing off in. :P

Mindy said...

i posted another one on smugmug that shows even better the incredible height difference between you two!