Sunday, April 08, 2007

We Should Be Having a Priority Contest!

Okay, I have to express some thoughts here. I'm taking a risk that someone might stumble across this blog, but I'm just going to be honest about my feelings - and what better place than the world-wide web! Oh well...

Our baby Lucy is developing and growing at a totally normal pace. We're not sure how much she weighs (I'll let the doctor tell me if there's anything to be concerned about), or exactly how many inches, and half-inches she is in length. All we know is that she is perfectly healthy and happy, she smiles and loves to play on the floor, and last night - for the first time - had REAL prolonged laughing fits when our friends' dogs were sniffing around her play pen... she thought it was the most hilarious thing, apparently, and I can't even describe what it was like to hear her really laugh... just like a "real" kid! As weird as that sounds... we were tickled (lame phrase, but that's the way it really felt!), it was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. My point is, I think there are more important things than whether or not she is sitting up without toppling over, or how big (or small) she is.

I have never been huge into competition. The only thing that I really got that way about was beating my own best times in high school cross country... but all the while I was perfectly happy to be running on JV (not top 7) and not have the pressure. I just always liked doing things for "the fun of it"... not to be the best. I guess that's why I slacked a little bit in school... there were times where I thought, 'hey, good enough!' but I can't really think of a more rediculous thing to get competitive about than the development of infant children.

Unfortunately it's not always possible to avoid this weird competition (especially in a family known for lots of competitiveness), and even though we don't like it, it's important to other people and we are brought into it without even wanting to. I don't like that our child is compared to someone else's, because all kids are so different. Not to mention, they have different genders, different parents, different ages... so talk about apples and oranges! Anyway, as hard as it is to let it slide, we hope to just smile and say, "wow, that's great", and continue to focus on the things that really matter, like our little girl's giggles... okay I just had to vent there. Bye now!

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kelly said...

i could've written a better blog about that... :P
i know it's tough, just practice rolling your eyes a lot.
keep in mind that it is some sort of insecurity in the other people that is leading them to try and drag you into a lame competition. if all they have going for them in their whole lives is that "my baby is ____er than your baby," that's pretty sad and, like you said, they are missing out on the true joys that really matter!
by the way i'm taller than ALL babies. i win!!!!