Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's called a "Play Yard"...

Or is it a "Pack-n-Play", or a good old fashioned "Play Pen"? Or maybe it should be called "Baby Cage".

Whatever it is, we finally broke down and bought one - it's green with multi-colored safari animals as accents. Lucy plays on the floor more now, and we want to keep her safe from curious pets (ours or other people's), and eating yard treasures of any kind when we take the operation outside. I'm sure whatever were to discover would go directly into her mouth. This is a more controlled environment. Anyway, it was fun to put her in it, she rolled around and had her face pressed up against the mesh sides, and was scraping her fingers on it... no attempts yet to escape. Hopefully it will work nicely for her, and not fall apart before baby #2 comes along. We like to be economical :) (hence not spending extra money on bells and whistles we don't think are necessary). Wow - our lives are so exciting! I'll post pictures another time!

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