Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday I had a doctor appointment and got to drink the delicious orange glucose drink (the hardest 10 ounces to choke down, in my opinion)... and have my blood drawn. I luckily had no problems in the past so I don't suspect any phone calls. My appointments are going to be every two weeks now, until they go to every week toward the end. I think the more frequent doctor visits make the pregnancy go faster.I hadn't taken a photo of myself since 20 weeks. I was a lot more diligent with my first pregnancy, so I thought I better get an update! I also took one with my belly showing, but since it's so stark white I thought I'd post the black-and-white one with the shirt down :). Looking back at my 20 week photo I have really grown a lot. What will I look like in 2.5 months!

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