Thursday, July 10, 2008

Congrats in Order

My friend Lisa had her baby this afternoon - a girl (they knew the gender) named Morgan. Everyone is doing fine and enjoying the luxurious accommodations of the new Metro Hospital (Looking forward to that!). Her first daughter Lauren is just a few days older than Lucy, so they play well together... although it is pretty funny seeing how different their personalities are! Morgan is going to have to wait almost 3 more months for her Denning playmate... Yes I'm counting down! We're of course anxious to know what we're having but have no regrets about being surprised about the sex of the baby... just looking forward to that moment.

Depending on what book or website you consult, I am in the first week of the third trimester. Wow! It does seem to go more quickly this time. At this point the baby is about 2 pounds and maybe 15 or 16 inches long from head to toe. It also just started opening its eyes and can tell the difference between light and dark. Kicks with this one are more of a "pummeling" sensation, where Lucy felt like slow, hard pushes, and occasional rolls. As for me, I've been slacking on the belly photos but I'll do another soon. I feel good other than a few bouts of sciatica which I had last time, and some back pain (which is more from lifting Lucy than anything else. Use your legs!). My growth is in the "normal" range. Last time I didn't gain very much weight but Lucy was 8 lb. 3 oz. (11 days early). This time I'm gaining a little more, but I started out lighter so I still weigh less than I did last time at 6+ months, so it all evens out. Actually, I am less concerned this time than I was with Lucy because I know that I just have to eat smart and there isn't much else I can do about what the scale says!

Speaking of food, I feel like eating a lot even though it takes less to make me feel full. Mostly I want good stuff like fruit - berries and watermelon especially. We're too cheap to buy "fun" junk food to have on hand anyway, which is probably for the best. My bad indulgence would be eating Froot Loops out of the box or way too many Sour Patch Kids. I don't really feel like eating meat, or Chinese food, which I usually love. No monster heartburn attacks yet, but I have my Tums ready!

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