Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've begun painting the bottom half of the nursery yellow. I obsessed over which shade of yellow to go with (at Lowe's) and ended up getting one called "summer sun". It's not too "primary", it's a little lighter, but still fairly bright. I have done all the cutting in around the edges and am about to roll paint on the walls (I just came downstairs to get a roller cover). I've never painted a room yellow before (except when Ron and I were "hired" to paint a house and the owners chose the most offensive shade of yellow imaginable, and it gave us an instant headache any time we entered that room)... so I'm a little gun-shy about yellow in my own home in general. I think it's going to look nice once all the furniture is pushed back into place, and if I end up hating it, I can repaint when Baby turns into Toddler and the room is redone. It is bright though, and with the white walls, the new light, and new carpet soon, the room is very different looking (which is what I wanted!). I'm going to have to see how it turns out before I can decide if I love it or not.

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Katie said...

We painted our 4th bedroom yellow when we moved in - I'm hoping it will work with whatever I do eventually if/when we have another child. Right now it's a guest room and the yellow works well with the bedding I have in there. I think the color is called Straw - it's pretty soft but it's actually one of my favorite colors in the house now. Can't wait to see pictures of your nursery!