Friday, November 14, 2008

I am a Motorcycle

I have to admit I am very surprised about my result. I answered the questions honestly... I would not think I am in this good of shape, especially since the last time I ran my 8 miles at one time was when I was 15... Then again I do not have any health problems, and believe that my pain tolerance is very high when I think back to my labor with Lucy. I am physically challenged by my kids every day (and I can see a difference in my muscle tone, especially in my arms), don't smoke, I do eat breakfast daily - which I never used to until having kids... I think that I'd most like to improve my cardiovascular health, which I honestly think is my weakest area (and probably a very important thing to work on).
44 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection


Heath said...

I am a hybrid car and get about 38 MPG. Not too bad, plus I have finally gotten into an exercise routine again so hopefully I will just get better. Fun little quiz!

Ron said...

I'm also a Hybrid Car ... 33.5 MPG. Ugh.