Monday, November 17, 2008

The Kids Today

I've been trying to take some photos of the kids today, in hopes of ending up with some that might be usable on a Christmas card. I already have some that would work, but since I have time, I'm trying to get some more up-to-date ones. I'm not sure if I'll use any of these from today, but I thought I'd post an update here, just for fun.

Here's Henry - 7 weeks old. I have more new photos of him here. There are only so many ways to pose a newborn. Sometimes I catch him smiling... but usually when I'm not holding my camera :)...Here's Lucy - I think her eyes look cool here. As we predicted, they are not going to change to "normal" like some suggested might happen. We like her this way. I'm hoping to put Lucy in her new snowpants sometime and let her play out in the snow... looks like we'll have ample opportunity over the next several days!

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