Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cassie, Come Home!

Our guest has returned to her happy home. The owner had not updated the tag, because she was planning on registering the dog after all the paperwork transfered. She lives on Riverbend... the dog hadn't gone too far.

The dog was rescued by a guy from a breeder. The breeder keeps lots of Scotties in tiny pens, and even though Cassie is only 5 years old, she has already had 9 litters. The cages have to be large enough for the dog not to touch any side of the cage, hence the stubby tail. They trim the tail so that the dog will be just barely not touching the sides (which goes to show you how small the little cage must be!)! She was just taken out to breed and deliver, and the rest of her time was spent in the tiny cage. So it's a good thing she was rescued by these people! Poor thing! What a way to spend 5 years... I imagine she has suffered psychologically as well as physically. I mentioned that we thought it might be a schnauzer because of the stubby tail - that's when she explained about the practice of cutting it shorter. I thought declawing was cruel!

Anyway, I'm glad she is back safe at home. And now we don't have to wonder what will become of the min-pin. He ran home after we picked up the terrier!

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