Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Poor Lucy had to get 5 shots today to protect her from a whole variety of diseases... she got 1 in her arm, and 2 in each leg, plus a vaccination given orally. She screamed and her face turned so red, I felt so bad for her because there was really nothing I could do. She quickly calmed down though, and fell asleep on the ride home. She was definitely tired because she hadn't really taken a morning nap, and I think getting those shots probably wore her out a little bit too.

I was wrong about her weight - she is not over 14 pounds. She is 13 lb. 8 oz., 24 inches long. She's a little above average size, but with how long she is, she is proportionate. She's also really healthy and happy, likes any food I give her, and smiles and coos more and more all the time.

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