Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day!

So 2 days later we have an instant Winter Wonderland - and an extended weekend for Ron, since most area schools were cancelled today. That's the one kind of phone call we're happy to get before 6:00 AM.

So, today Lucy is 2 months old - wow! She is growing a lot, and the other day I was packing away some of her newborn clothes and was amazed at how tiny she used to be... those clothes were huge on her at one point (well, 8 weeks ago, to be exact). Maybe in a few years I'll get to use them again.

Ron cleared the driveway, and we're still hunting for our box of gloves/scarves/hats. Somehow they've been misplaced in the not-so-organized basement. Why am I not surprised. They'll turn up sometime in April, I'm sure...

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