Thursday, December 14, 2006

"God Loves a Terrier"

Here's our new house guest.

Ron and I were driving back from my parents' house and at the intersection of Riverbend and Butterworth, we saw two dogs trotting along, both with collars w/ tags. Ron stopped the car and called to them... the little one (looked like a mini pinscher) ran off, but the Scottish Terrier jumped right into the car like we were old friends. It's tag had a phone number for a humane society in Lenawee county (Adrian, MI... east side). I called the number, but since it was after hours I only could leave a message.

We drove to the Grandville Police dept and spent a little while there, while the on-duty officers tried calling every number they could think of to find out where we could bring her. Even all the "back door" numbers, as they put it. No luck. I said that it was getting too late (10:00 PM) to be dealing with this, I had a baby in the car and we had to get home... I said I'd just take her over night and call the place in the morning, during business hours.

Didn't have to - they called me right at 8:00 and told me the name and phone number of the owner - and the name of the dog: Cassie. The man lives in Lansing, but I am hoping he will return my call and come pick up the dog tonight. We can't have another pet. I am also not sure how long the dog has been on the run, but we can't take any chances with anything it may have "picked up" along the way. So, we're keeping her more or less seperated from Killian... but when they are around each other they get along just fine. Just checking each other out.

I'm just glad we have a big fenced in yard, and a breezeway (where she slept last night). It makes it a lot easier to babysit someone else's dog.

I wish we could have caught the other dog. I think they were traveling together. I hope that someone is able to capture him (or her) and contact the owner. I am happy we were able to get Cassie before she was hit by a car or attacked by an animal. This dog is incredibly sweet and obedient, well trained (sit, stay, come, all that)... so I am hoping the owner is excited to hear she is okay and in good care.

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