Thursday, February 08, 2007

4 Months... and a Reunion in Holland!

Lucy had her 4 month checkup and immunizations yesterday with Dr. Joe. It went well, although we ended up having to wait and she got hungry, so she started crying, and then while she was being poked and prodded, started screaming. The only way the doctor could hear her heart/lungs was when I finally gave her a bottle. Just when she thought things were getting better though, the nurse had to poke her legs with needles 4 times! Lucy was looking at me like I had really betrayed her, like 'how can you just stand there and let this happen?' and I felt really bad. When it was over she was sort of doing that gasping-hyperventilating (like a kid who's been crying hard!), but she calmed down by the time I had her back in her carseat. Phew!

She is a growing girl - a bit above the normal weight and length for her age, but proportionate (so that's good). She is starting to pull her knees under her butt when she is on her tummy... so I can tell she wants to crawl. Although I think it will be at least a couple more months before we see anything like that. She definitely wants to get moving!

Tonight we visited Jen & Kevin Wolthuis and had dinner - Swedish meatballs, which were excellent, and salad. I finally got to meet Elinore who I have watched grow through Jen's blog. She is even cuter in person. Jen and I were roommates in Cook Hall (at Hope) for a year, and hadn't seen each other in several years (since 2001?), and it was nice to hang out... plus our husbands really got along well! Even though a lot of time had passed it really didn't feel like it. Hopefully we can find time to get together again.

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