Monday, February 04, 2008

And I Don't Even Have to Clean Up...

Last night Ron and I went to a Super Bowl party at our friends' house, where we got to enjoy lots of good food, lots of wild kids, and an amazing theater room... at first Lucy was a clearly nervous and didn't want to leave my side, but after she ate some food, and got used to the surroundings, she had a great time. There were millions of new toys for her to check out, and she managed not to get trampled by the stampede of kids - mostly very energetic little boys. We stayed until 8:45 (which is way past her bedtime) but she was doing so well, and was still smiling and playing happily well past halftime. We decided to pack it up and head home, skipped her bathtime, and she fell asleep almost immediately. Ron and I stayed up to watch the remainder of the game, and we were both very happy to see the Giants pull off the upset!

I was hoping her late party night would result in Lucy sleeping in a bit... no such luck. Then this morning I took her to Play to Learn at Bauer Elementary. She was a little bit tired when we got there, and also a bit clingy, but eventually explored a bit, looked at new books, tried to eat some fake waffles, and during snack time crammed approximately 35 Goldfish crackers into her mouth at once. I tried to stop her but she was just way too fast and determined! This lead to a Play-dough factory of cheesy slime oozing out of her mouth. She couldn't even close her lips completely around the mass of crackers. I tried to catch some of it with a baby wipe, but it's hard when she's reaching for the crackers on another plate, and arching her back to slide out of the little elementary school chair she was sitting in. Anyone have any idea how I can teach her to regulate her food intake? I just figure she has to learn the hard way.

It was also nice to finally see Dylan and Ella Terpstra in REAL LIFE, although I have gotten to see some of their antics on Katie's Blog. Katie is also doing what she can to give her kids more of a social outlet (and perhaps herself too!). Ella is only about a month and a half younger than Lucy, so it would be cool if they could learn to play together nicely.

On top of all this, Lucy did better than ever at the church nursery on Sunday, and I got to actually sit through the entire service without having to go in part way to remind her that I didn't just abandon her forever in a room full of strangers. I peeked at her once through the window and saw her drinking someone's juice... I just hope that someone wasn't upset about it. I didn't see anyone screaming, so I assume it was alright. The nursery person gave me a thumbs-up sign and I left without Lucy noticing me. She's getting the hang of it!

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