Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bored = Lucy update

I am so bored - I hate this weather. I have no motivation to do anything... I have been wearing "comfy" pants unless it is necessary to do otherwise.

Lucy no longer takes a morning nap at all ever. She will however, spend some time in her crib in the morning so that I can shower before 2:00 PM, thankyou. She takes a good afternoon nap, so this adjustment to her schedule isn't too bad.

Lately she has been quite insistent on taking your hand and leading you to where she wants you to be. She does not give you an option, and if you fail to get up and follow her, she will scream and frown. Most often she will take you to her high chair as a hint she wants to eat. Cute little habit. She has been saying a lot more words lately, like "car", "hat", "cookie", "Elmo" (okay she's been saying that for at least a few weeks), "clock" (but she might miss the L sound... but she IS gesturing toward a CLOCK on the wall), and "flower" - almost. I am still not sold on this one but Ron says he heard her say it, although it was in a whisper. She can put all the oddly shaped puzzle pieces in the correct spots on her Sesame Street puzzle at Grandma's house. She also knows all her colors (to point to the correct one). She likes to hook a purse on her arm like a real lady and push her shopping cart around, throwing her play fruit all over the floor.

So she seems to be getting smarter and smarter each day! We're pretty proud.

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