Thursday, September 25, 2008

...And the Doctor Said

Well, as of yesterday afternoon I am 5 cm dilated and 75% effaced. She did a membrane sweep, which was not painful, although some say it can be. I had that done at 38 weeks with my last pregnancy as well. As far as labor induction methods, it can only be done if you are partially dilated, and it will only kick-start labor if your body is ready, usually within a couple of days. She said, "maybe I'll see you tonight" but alas, this did not happen! That's okay, I have another load of laundry I wanted to get done. ;-)

We got everything set to go in case I woke up with contractions, but I haven't felt any yet. I do feel some familiar pre-labor symptoms, like mild queasiness and cramping, and essentially no appetite. So, I probably won't post anything new until after the baby is born... unless something extraordinarily exciting happens in my life between now and then. The fact is, this is pretty much all that is on my mind right now and I am not going to blog about it daily and drive myself (and everyone else) crazy!


aletha :: pearls events said...

Sounds like you're more than ready to welcome the new baby (girl, in my guess)! Looking forward to the posts following the birth.

Katie said...

I was dilated to 5 with both my kids and my doctor sent me in to be induced with both of them (something about her not wanting me to have them on the side of the road :)) Hope it goes quick (but not too quick!). Looking forward to the post-baby post!