Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Front Porch

... the home improvements just keep coming! Maybe Ron has the nesting bug too (or he's just hustling to get things ready for our siding to go on ;)). Yesterday he spent the afternoon ripping the old rotting boards off our front porch, and readjusting things to make the whole thing level. He then replaced rim joists and deck boards so it looks like a brand new porch! Well I suppose it is a brand new porch in a way. The gaps between boards are much smaller too, which we both prefer to the XL gaps they used to have. He just has to do the step in front of the porch (which means busting out the old concrete step first) and that will be one more thing checked off the list.

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Dykema's said...

You both amaze me! I can't even get a hallway painted (project started a couple of months ago and is still not complete), and you've gotten a nursery done, roof put on, porch rebuilt and so much more! When you're done, you'll have to do a series of before and afters, I bet they'd be just incredible!