Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday School

Yesterday our church went back to its non-summer schedule - two services instead of just one, and also the start of Sunday school. On our way to church, I was a bit anxious about whether she would take the other kids' crayons, throw a tantrum, or some other bad behavior, despite our constant efforts to teach her manners (especially not throwing things!). But, I was also excited for her to be moving on to this big-kid stage, and know that things like this always get better and better each time. Lucy is in the group of kids who turn two by December 1 (she turns 2 in less than a month!). We've taken her to nursery for a while now, and she never seemed to be crazy about it. She'd usually frown or cry a little bit, and then slowly warm up to it throughout the hour, playing a little, but not very enthusiastic in general. Well, yesterday she literally dragged Ron by the hand down the hallway toward the check-in table, and after she was given her name tag she took the hand of one of the teachers and marched right to the classroom, never looking back! We were shocked, but very happy, to see her go without any hesitation! Who is this child?

Maybe this age seems late for her to finally be totally comfortable going with someone new, to someplace new, with people she doesn't know, but Lucy has never been a daycare kid so I suppose this kind of thing takes a little bit longer for her to get used to. It was nice not to be distracted by thoughts like, "I wonder if she is crying..." during church. We can't wait to take her again next week! The structure and more stimulating activities of Sunday school as opposed to nursery made all the difference in her mood for the morning.

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