Monday, September 22, 2008

No More Leaks

We have a new slider! Installed! All we're missing is some trim pieces, etc. but it's fully functional and has the cool blinds between the glass panes (in the air space), which I already love. Ron and my dad worked on it yesterday and also put in our 2 new windows on the side of our garage (the side of our garage faces the road (we're on a corner) and looked like the side of a barn, because it was just a big blank wall with nothing. The windows really dress it up, and I'm hoping someday to have window boxes where I can plant some flowers, etc. Not to mention, it lets a lot more natural light into the garage (as opposed to none, which we had before... unless the garage door was open!).

So, the old French door is on Craigslist for free, and someone already called and is coming to get it. I think with some repair, perhaps it could work for someone. I don't know... it wasn't working for us, but that's why we're giving it away and not selling it.

We're getting close to the point where we have to decide on a siding color...

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