Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Work

Lately it seems like I've been posting a lot of Facebook status updates about our home improvement projects. It sounds like we're up to a lot, but in reality, a lot isn't really getting done at the moment. We have all the materials to completely redo our basement bathroom, other than a new mirror, which we're still shopping around for. We're getting rid of our old mirrored medicine cabinet, which will be listed on Craigslist soon! 28" h by 30" w and in perfect condition. We saw the same exact one for sale at Menards! Anyway, we (I) started tiling the hallway, which will continue into the bathroom (more flooring needs to be removed). We put up new towel bars, TP dispenser, knobs, have (but have not installed) a new doorknob set (with a lock!), faucet, light fixture... and I'm going to be sewing the outer shower curtain, and the window valence to match, which will be done sometime before Easter weekend, by golly.

Upstairs we have a fireplace in the living room, and on either side of it are two "nooks". Actually we have called them "cubbies" all along for some reason. You can sort of see one of them here (the same on both sides of the fireplace). Well, long ago, Ron built shelves out of hard maple, and yesterday he planed them smooth and now they just need stain and install! We figured out the placement for them, and sometime this weekend we will have our shelves up. It will be so nice not to have the precarious stack of media components under our TV and be able to use that space more efficiently. Over spring break we hope to work on the decks. Anyone is welcome to come and help out! ::crickets chirping:: There will be free beer and pizza for you! C'mon you know you want to help build a deck and pergola!

The same tiles that surround the inner part of the fireplace are also sitting in boxes by our front window, waiting to be applied as the kitchen backsplash. It will have a big impact, but it's sort of a low priority. They come in sheets (12" square) so they're actually easier to deal with than large tiles. Pictures to come as some of these projects are completed!

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