Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Bullet Points

  • The tiling is on pause because Ron needs to add some silicone by the threshold of the basement door, and the next tiles to go down need to be cut with a wet saw (which can't really be done while kids are in bed). I walked on what is done so far, and my handiwork held up underfoot with no problems.
  • Ron bought a six pack of beer last weekend and didn't really like it (Shiner Hefeweizen) but drank the final bottle last night anyway. What a trooper.
  • Barbie's feet are very sharp.
  • We have a working record player now, with a built-in pre-amp (Wow, modern! Actually, "normal!" but I've never had that before), so it can plug right into my stereo and it's ready to go. I will again be able to enjoy listening to my vinyl collection, which isn't half bad, I must say.
  • GHI wasn't on last night?! Just Ghosthunters. The TAPS team spends too much time goofing around, and I like Robb and Dustin much better. Oh well, there's always next week.
  • Our basement is essentially spider-free and has been for months. What a difference from the set of Arachnaphobia we moved into over a year ago! I've just observed that the more time I spend down here working on home-improvements. Kelly and Heath should appreciate this when they visit...
  • Lucy went to sleep at 7 PM last night, and stayed in bed till 7 AM. That's really nice!
  • I'm being summoned loudly. Have a great day!


Kelly said...

How can you like GHI better!?!? That's where hunters (except Robb and Dustin - they're actually decent) go on there way out of the system (see: Andy, Brian, that one annoying chick). Yeah, Steve and Tango offer some comic relief (mostly Steve at Tango's expense) and are generally pretty useless, but the 2 girls are actually not entirely annoying (especially compared to the girls they used to have) and Grant and Jason are THE GUYS ... come on - that conversation with the little boy in the mill was amazing - Robb and Dustin go to cooler places like castles and stuff, but they never get hits like that! I like GHI alright, but it doesn't really compare. :)

Mindy said...

I will give you that - last night's Mill investigation was the best one I've seen TAPS do yet... I was amazed at the conversation - hard to deny something like that!

Ron said...

Previous to last nights episode, I thought the boy that ran across the hall (from a thermal image) in the assylum (the one where they brought TB patients in KY) was the most amazing. The conversation with the little boy in the mill was absolutely amazing, I agree! So cool! I loved it when he told him that he has 5 kids at home, then asked if he wanted to go home with him.

Kelly said...

Yeah, we had seen that one before and were still totally amazed watching it again. There was some super wacked out stuff on other episodes that Heath probably remembers better. Once Grant and Jason both saw a full bodied apparition (unfortunately it wasnt caught on camera because of the camera angles). You could tell they were seriously freaked out by it by how they reacted and chased it. Then they independently described it to a third party (Steve) and they had seen the same thing! Eek! Just to be totally clear, we like GHI much better now that Brian and Andy are gone off it! They were obnoxiousness!