Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Tangent

Now that Henry is closing in on the crawling stage, I am so glad we live in this house. I am constantly thankful that we were able to sell our home in such a devastated market and move here. We really lucked out. Little things remind me of that fact all the time (like Henry about to become mobile), and I am so grateful for the way things worked out that I can't not mention it. I have to, so please indulge me. The odds were very much against us and Ron and I worked so hard on our last home to make it "desirable" enough to sell, even though if we add up our receipts from home improvements and compare it to what we got out of the house when we sold it, we probably didn't "profit" but at least we made it sellable! There were a lot of late nights, sweat, blood, bruises, and yes, tears... and we have worked equally hard on this home to make it livable - actually it's beyond livable, it is really pretty nice! I like to think the former owner would be happy with all the work we've done.

If you had the opportunity to come into this house before we moved in, thank you for having the same imagination, or at least not telling us we were crazy! Even though we kind of were. Now it's a great place for us and the kids - the floors are clean, there is carpeting in the living room, hallway, and bedrooms, and I'll be able to keep an eye on Henry while he maneuvers around a much larger area (meaning, he won't have to be totally confined to a tiny area to still be safe), in the great room. This convenience is especially nice since he isn't the only kid I have to keep tabs on, although I can trust Lucy a bit more when she's not in sight. With these little ones, it's also great to live in an extremely safe and friendly neighborhood. I'd trust any of my neighbors with my kids in an emergency without a doubt.

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