Wednesday, April 01, 2009

6 Month Checkup

This morning I brought the kids to see Dr. Joe for Henry's 6 month well-baby visit. He was a really good boy, and Lucy was very chatty with everybody there! Henry weighs 19 lb. 3 oz. (75%) and is 29 in. long (above 95% / "off the charts"). So, he's shopping in the big and tall department of my nephews' hand-me-downs.

He got two shots in his leg (which ones, I know this sounds horrible but I don't pay that close attention anymore... I've gone through this process so many times) and he cried for literally 2 seconds and then stopped. Amazing Tough Guy! My only "problem" with Henry right now is this nasty drool-rash he has under his chin, but it isn't bothering him, and I can put Cortisol on it or something and it will improve eventually.

Afterward we ran through the snow (what!) to get into the car, and headed over to the high school to visit Grandma and Daddy. Lucy was really social, talkative, and friendly, and Henry never cried despite being up since early this morning, having shots, and no nap. He even had a few smiles left in him after a very long morning. "Pretty good kid" as Dr. Joe would say.

We left around 1 PM and Henry fell asleep in the car seat. I put him in his crib and he stayed sleeping. Poor guy must be exhausted! Meanwhile, Lucy is adding on to her fort in the living room, and needs my help... she never slows down!


Chris Winkler said...

What's a drool rash? Is it literally a rash from drooling so much? Judah drools a ton and I'm wondering if it's something we should be on the lookout for.

Mindy said...

well when the moisture sits on skin too long, the skin becomes more prone to irritation... same reason diaper rashes occur. hydrocortisone helps. i think when he sits in the bouncer, his chin is sort of "down" toward his chest more, and the skin can't breath as well... that'll be less and less of an issue now that he sits up. it doesn't itch him i don't think. both my kids seem to have inherited an eczema gene from their DAD's side too! ;)

Chris Winkler said...

Interesting, thanks for the tip!