Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy Cakes and Candy

We made it through another week! All that means is a busy weekend awaits... but I'll take it along with this forecast gladly! Ron has been busy working on his grad class, finishing up for the semester. It's so hard for him to focus with so many distractions at home. So, until all that is finished, nothing on the house is being worked on (which is definitely fine with me). Yesterday we took the kids to our friends' house for lasagna and we hung out a bit and let the kids run around - well, Lucy and Lauren, while Henry and Morgan sat on a blanket in the grass swapping spit (via chewing on various baby toys). Maybe a sign of things to come? Nahhh... we won't worry about that quite yet! Went home and put the kids to bed, and then I went over to Tiece's to take some pictures of a cake and cupcakes she made... the girl is amazing! She made a spherical cake that looks like a baseball! That's a bit more complicated than I would tackle. Two other things that amaze me: 1) the amount of Crisco she goes through, and 2) how late she consistently stays up and manages to function during the day. Her friend came to pick up the cake, and we hung out and talked way too late. I wasn't planning on staying more than 15 minutes but we had a good time talking about all kinds of stuff! I even got to bring home a few extra cupcakes... although I still haven't eaten one. Since it was about 10:30 PM when I took the photos, the overhead lights were all we had to work with, so this isn't the best set of images I've ever taken, but at least she has evidence of her creation - just before it was taken away to be devoured by 5 year olds!
Speaking of goodies, I'm amazed Lucy didn't discover those cupcakes yet (Ron must have moved them from their prominent location on the dining table... thank you!), because she woke me up this morning with a chocolate smear on her face. Hmmm, I wonder what she's been into. I got up and found the box of Capri Sun Roarin' Water pouches dumped onto the floor (she drank 1) and an empty candy baggy, and lots of little metallic wrappers all over the couch and floor - that's not counting the jelly beans that don't have wrappers, I'm sure she ate. I said, "What did you do?" and she told me (obviously proud), "I ate the candy all by myself!" Good job Lucy... I can't figure out what to do (partly because if she has access to candy while I am asleep, it might be at least somewhat my fault, but maybe she should know better...?). I don't know, she's 2.5 years old. Candy has been around a lot more lately due to the post-Easter candy surplus. In terms of candy, it seems like Easter brings much more than Halloween. I guess I'll chalk this one up to: both our faults, hide the candy better and don't let it happen again!

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