Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Photography

I know this is a photography related post, but it's also something personal, so I am putting it here. On my photography blog I'm just sticking to events that have happened, and photos that I have already taken. However, I am excited to say that Saturday I will get to dress in stealthy black and comfy shoes and second shoot a wedding in Ada, MI with the talented Lynell, whom I met via Craigslist, of all places (although now we are friends on Facebook). I was going to buy her barely used camera as an upgrade, and it ended up getting stolen by someone who broke into her home! So, I ended up buying one from B&H and it's all good, although she ended up feeling violated and losing a little bit of her sense of security. They caught the thieves, and one of her cameras was recovered. I used the phrase "ended up" 2 times too many....

Although obviously I didn't get that camera from her, we exchanged a few emails and long story short, she invited me to shoot along with her at a wedding on May 2. At that time it seemed like forever into the future, but now it's just a couple days away! I thought I'd be a lot more nervous, but I'm pretty calm and excited about it. It's such a good opportunity. Some photogs charge rookies like me to second shoot, and even then we might not get to keep our images! I get to keep my images and use them in my portfolio. This will be great practice, as I have been approached by a few people about weddings, and need something to show them.

I have had some recent sessions I am very proud of, and things are starting to pick up more. My flash site has more of a variety of photos in the galleries, and I think I have improved drastically in the past few months. I still learn a lot every time, and I am trying to refine my "style" so it is more distinctive and recognizable. There are so many ways to process images, and I love too many of them, but I need to get focused (no pun intended). I just sort of tailor it to clients and what the "feel" of the session is, as well as their personal taste.

So, hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have some images in my weddings gallery and a lovely blog post over at While I doubt I will ever take on too many weddings as part of my business (I'm not sure I can handle the all-day thing every weekend, and the 1000 images to process afterward), it's definitely something I want to be good at, so I can do them if I choose to.


Aletha | Pearls Events said...

Can't wait to hear how Saturday goes for you and Lynell - I am SO excited for you!!! And, if you need/want to borrow my ShootSac, lemme know. It's just hanging out in the spare room :)

Lynell Shooks said...

Glad you didn't say we met on e-harmony. :)

You were an absolute joy to spend a day with!!! We should do it again soon.