Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check Me Out

Before having kids I never knew what eczema looked like or how someone even got it... apparently it runs in both our families. Huh. I dodged that bullet (for now).
I took this photo Wednesday to "document" Henry's really nasty case of eczema, not for medical purposes, just to show him when he's 16 and he can roll his eyes at me. Forgive the image quality, this wasn't exactly a portrait session (I think it's actually out of focus. eep.). However, this was his "good" side! Those darn neck folds, excessive drool, plastic bibs... Well, we can eliminate the plastic bibs but the rest we can't do much about! What started out looking like a small spot turned into an almost allover rash wrapping around to the back of his neck! I actually don't think this shows how red it was! After trying OTC Hydrocortisone, Eucerin, A+D Ointment, Weleda Calendula Baby Cream... and getting no success (if anything it was getting worse) I resorted to taking him in to see Dr. Joe, who prescribed some stuff that helped reduce the rash drastically after just one day. Yeah! It is progressively getting better and better, and he pretty much looks back to normal. These dry winter months are tough.

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