Monday, April 13, 2009


Spring break is officially over, and Ron is back to teaching this morning. I'm up, drinking coffee, wearing pajama pants, watching cartoons. However, I hope this is a productive day. There are plenty of little things I need to get done this week... I have a feeling it is going to go by quickly. I am also looking around at the aftermath of a busy weekend, and it's a little overwhelming. I will get the house back in order sometime before the day is done!

It seems like after spring break, the remainder of the school year is the home stretch. I also think we are done with snow and excessive cold, so it will be nice to spend some more time outdoors. I have a couple more sessions already booked for this month and I am finding that slowly but surely I am getting busier. It's pretty cool, but I also find that I need a lot more "free" time in my day to process images and correspond with people. I hate doing one or two here, one or two there, and constantly stopping to take care of the daily household grind. I could also really use a designated office space (even if it's not an enclosed rooom), other than the card table in the basement where our computer is sitting! I think we are at least in the market for a big old desk I can paint a dark, glossy brown and replace the hardware (if it has any). I need to get organized, with a bulletin board and maybe even some shelves. At least we have a file cabinet! Also, I'm the type to scribble things on notepads and scraps of paper, and Ron is the type to enter everything into a spreadsheet (good thing he enjoys doing that stuff for me)!

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