Friday, April 03, 2009

Chuuuuck E. Cheese's...

::sung to the same melody:: ha ha ha...

Anyway, I have a bunch of pictures from our visit to Chuck E. Cheese's but decided to just create a collage real quick to get some on here (there are none on Smugmug yet). Here ya go (click the photo to see it larger):Lucy climbed under the rope at the entrance when we arrived, before the kid could open it up. I mean, we do control her but she did it in the blink of an eye! At least she didn't run off. Then she was actually quite uneasy, and didn't want to play any games or go on any rides. Slowly she warmed up to the place (after 3 slices of pizza) and we found a few things she was able to do. Being only 2.5 years old, she is a bit young for a lot of arcade games, etc.. The things she loved the most were the basketball shoe, the popcorn game (ping pong balls shoot out and you have to catch them in your "bucket" - bottom right and top middle of the photo), whack-a-mole, if that is what it's still called, and watching Chuck E. Cheese sing on stage. She didn't get a chance to meet him while he was walking around... maybe that's a good thing.

No ball pit. Maybe that's a good thing too.

It definitely has a totally different feel from what I remember. I thought it seemed smaller, first of all (I'm bigger), and there were a lot of scary teenagers and young adults "hangin' out" which I thought was weird. There were a few toddlers there, and Lucy met a boy that was really friendly toward her. We would put her on a ride - like a moving car type thing - and a few seconds after it started she'd climb out! There goes $1! Hahaha. ::Eye roll::

We wanted to have Lucy ride the rocket but she didn't want to at all... until we started heading toward the exit. Then it was, "I wanna go on the rocket!" Of course!

It was fun, and I'm glad we went, but not as awesome as I was hoping. Then I found out my sister-in-law has a coupon that would have cut our expense in half! She said, "You didn't have a coupon!?" Ummm... no... should I have known about this? Woops. Oh well!

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