Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Snail

You know those little capsules that you can drop into warm water, and slowly the coating dissolves... the sponge shaped like something fun is revealed. Well, I bought a package of these for Lucy for Easter. I mean, the Easter Bunny bought a package that he found in the $1 bin at Target...

Okay, so Lucy formed an odd attachment to a small red sponge shaped like a snail. She has a large foam snail that sticks to the wall of the tub (who, one fine day, became Mommy Snail after Baby Snail emerged from its capsule). This little red Baby Snail is about 2 inches long, and made out of soft delicate foam. She sleeps with Baby Snail at night, along with whatever favorite animal of the day she chooses, plus Pink Bear (always). You like our names for things? So creative, right? Anyway, I am amazed when she wakes up in the morning carrying this tiny two inch sponge. She makes it kiss Mommy Snail, and exclaims, "I love you SO MUCH!" and they have long conversations in the tub together, take turns rescuing each other from drowning, and compliment each other on their shells. I think that's enough background info.

So, I'm changing Henry's diaper and all of a sudden I hear Lucy yelling something, difficult to understand because she is crying. She runs in and presents to me Baby Snail... one piece in each hand. She accidentally ripped Baby Snail in two. Oh. No. "Baby Snail is broken. Fix it!" So I tell her to hang on and I'll fix it, don't worry... all the while thinking, how on earth can I fix a tiny, soft, flimsy sponge? Should I teach her about death and let Baby Snail go... No! Don't give up yet! So, I actually taped Baby Snail's head and neck back to his/her shell. It's a pretty crude repair. While doing it, I was well aware of the ridiculousness of the situation. I am definitely no pediatric snail surgeon, but all things considered, I did a pretty good job! Mommy and Baby together again post-op:

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