Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 2

We got a little more done today, but nothing crazy. We did not order the cabinets yet - just not enough time, but maybe tomorrow or Monday. Ron did some more carpet cleaning and I got two bedrooms taped, and one room painted one coat (nursery). I picked out and purchased the paints for the three main floor bedrooms and bathroom, but that's it for now. The great room / hallway can be done later. I forgot how much I detest painting! Really the worst part is cleaning out brushes and roller covers (I like to reuse them so I take the time to rinse them out all the way!). I can't complain though - because unlike our last house we are not tearing out walls or rerouting plumbing, or any other major "remodeling"... This is just typical buy-a-new-house stuff, and I think everyone paints when they move into a new place! I just want our room and Lucy's room done so they are ready for sleepin' in Sunday night. I can't believe we only have 3 more nights at this place!

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