Monday, September 17, 2007

Lunch at the Grill

This morning I met my old friend Lindsey at the Rainbow Grill for lunch. She had her daughter Lola (almost 21 months) with her, and I of course brought Lucy. It was nice to see her and actually get to talk one-on-one. Last time I saw her was a little over 3 years ago at a friend's wedding shower, and we didn't talk at all while we were there. I have known Lindsey as long as I can remember and I like the idea of becoming friends again, even after we had drifted apart for quite a while. She lives in Hudsonville, which is where we are moving, so maybe we will have to get together... It seems like everyone lives in Hudsonville!

Anyway, when they were house shopping a year or so ago, she and her husband actually checked out the one that we are buying! They passed on it, due to the amount of work required to fix it up. I just think it's funny that they were in our house before - and that's another reminder of just how long it was vacant / for sale.

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Katie said...

I can't believe you're getting possession and moving all in the same week! I'm sure it will be crazy for a bit, but all worth it in the end, right? :) Good luck! I look forward to seeing pictures of your new place too.