Friday, September 14, 2007

New York, London, Paris, Munich...

... Everybody talk about Pop Musik!

Just got this e-mail from U2.Com

It was billed as a 'sci-fi disco supermarket' and it was a rock'n'roll tour like no other. You had to see PopMart to believe it... and now you can.

This week U2's 1997/8 'PopMart' world tour is released on DVD for the first time - live from Mexico City.

And at U2.Com we've just launched a dedicated site celebrating all things PopMart including a twenty minute live audio webcast of the Rotterdam show, the press conference where the band announce they are 'taking the Lemon' to Sarajevo, a behind-the-scenes road diary and a gallery of exclusive shots from on the road.

The DVD comes in a Standard 1-disc format, featuring the concert, and a Special Limited Edition 2-disc format, the 2nd bonus disc containing unreleased live audio and video material, including documentaries, a PopMart tour visuals montage, and DVD-ROM extras.

Everything you need to know including the complete tracklisting.

I am lucky enough to say that I have gone to several U2 concerts, including one show of the PopMart tour - October 31, 1997. Halloween. Pontiac Silverdome. Smashmouth was the opening band, and they were awful! Awful! However, U2 was amazing (and maybe just in my 16-year-old mind it was just so surreal to see tiny Bono out there on the stage... the mirrorball lemon...). We were astounded by the giant screen and all the other drama and huge-ness of it, and afterward we were all yelling at each other in the car on the way home, trying to speak over the ringing in our ears, about how "awesome" it was. I'll never forget it, and although I have been known to put in the VHS from time to time, it's going to be muuuuch nicer to have it on DVD with all the extras (cuz you know I'm getting the Special Limited Edition 2-disc format...) It comes in waves, but I'm still a U2 nut.

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