Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sneak Peek

This is the Problem. This kitchen is about 90% non-functional. Check out the dishwasher. Imagine you are standing at the sink. Now open the dishwa... Not so fast! You just opened it into the side of your leg! Well, I guess we could wash dishes by hand in the sink there - except the faucet sprays everywhere BUT in the sink basin. Not even getting into the filth that I believe is living in the 1986 oven (which I understand can be cleaned, but I think we're going to upgrade) and the generally dirty cabinets. The stove top fires up (yay) but other than that, there isn't much that can be done in here. Therefore we're scraping together to redo the entire kitchen. It will be laid out more wisely and look a lot prettier.

Here's another one: the main floor bathroom has 3 - count them, THREE, different kinds of flooring! Why narrow it down to one, or even two? Well, we're going to take the leap and replace all three of them with one simple sheet of vinyl flooring. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to update this room. The walls are going to be painted a light grayish purple color, and we're of course going to invest in a shower curtain. The best part of the bathroom: TWO SINKS! We get ready for bed at the same time and I have learned that two sinks would be very beneficial to our marriage. I included another view which shows the awesome brass cover plates and hardware, as well as the 2nd door to the bathroom which connects to our master bedroom.

We have a lot of work to do - every room needs help. Cleaning, painting, and decorating will make a difference in the majority of the spaces, but the kitchen/great room is going to be a big project. We're hoping to maintain patience and sanity. If we take our time we will do a better job and not "burn out" from the work. I'll be posting more photos as we get things done.


kelly said...

ah, it's not too bad. like you said, just take it step by step a little bit at a time. it's not like there's some big hurry. you'll be there for a while. ;)

Ron said...

I think that once the carpet is cleaned, the walls are painted, and we redo the kitchen, it won't seem anywhere as bad as it does now. Heck, even before we redo the kitchen, with those other things done, it will make a big difference. Like Mindy said, some decorating will help too!