Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lucky Us

Ron entered a photo of our Christmas tree into the This Old House "Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays" contest. I hadn't even thought about it until last night he began racing through the house excitedly telling me, "you've gotta come see this!". Turns out, we won "Best Tree" and are now awaiting our gift card to Home Depot! What an unexpected and nice surprise, as it will help us get even more accomplished with our home improvements!

A commenter named "Ricardo" left his thoughts regarding the tree and the merits of real vs. artificial. Of course that is actually my brother-in-law, Steve...

Anyway, I haven't really won anything since the sixth grade spelling bee, so I am actually pretty proud and excited (although I have to say Ron was truly giddy, not just we're getting a gift card, but that our Christmas tree was featured at ThisOldHouse.Com)!

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aletha @ pearls events said...

That IS exciting!!! Congrats :)