Friday, January 25, 2008

Ramsey Recap

Last night Ron and I attended the Dave Ramsey Live Event, "Total Money Makeover" at the Van Andel Arena - we got there shortly after the doors opened to get really good seats... when 6:00 finally rolled around, this clip was shown on the 3 big screens behind the stage: This was the first site I could find it on.

Too funny, and of course featured, ahhh, Steve Martin. Anyway, that got everybody laughing. As many people already know, Dave Ramsey's teachings emphasize lifestyle changes, and breaking away from how society makes us all assume that living with debt is a way of life... It certainly doesn't have to be that way, if you are willing to change your way of life, make sacrifices, and be accountable. In the end it pays off in spades when you can "live like no one else".

Two years ago we took the 13 week class and it helped us make some major progress toward that goal. Now we find ourselves not dumping debt at the same rate of speed we had been, and we want to attack it once again. We are going to be helping to teach the course through our church, and we're already excited about getting back on track, as well as seeing others' lives change through this process. It's not about getting rich. It's about how your spending habits reflect your values, and how financial distress negatively impacts your life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Ultimately the goal is to get to a point where you aren't a borrower slave to the lender, and you can have fun with your money... by building wealth and security, and most of all by GIVING. Hearing Dave speak at the event renewed my hope that we will someday get there, and on top of that he is immensely entertaining.


amberWIRE said...

so glad you guys got to go to that! Ryan and I wanted to go, but our church sold out of tickets too fast so we couldn't get the discounted price!

Mindy said...

yeah it was pretty packed in there - the 2nd largest crowd he has ever spoken for!