Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nighttime Fun

Lately we've been keeping Lucy up a bit later at night - she used to go to bed at 7:00 PM (but she'd sleep until about 7:00 AM, so it was alright). Now we've been keeping her up until closer to 8:00 - like last night... she was having so much fun playing that we didn't even realize how late it was getting. Here's Lucy talking on the phone... we always have to watch closely to make sure she doesn't call anyone! She hugs the phone under her chin. Close enough.

Ron took Killian out for a walk around the neighborhood... when he got back Lucy stood by the front door with her hands behind her back, patiently waiting for him to finish taking the harness off of Killian... so she could get picked up. She loves it when he hangs her upside-down (Lucy, not Killian)...

Another fun game we discovered last night is dragging Lucy around in her big nylon Disney Princess tube. I don't know if it's the recommended use for this toy, but she seems to enjoy it, giggling and squealing the whole time, and even after stopping she continues to laugh until she eventually calms down!

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