Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted anything new in so long... things have been kind of blah around here lately. The only real noteworthy thing is we attended a visitation for the former GHS student who was attacked downtown a couple of weeks ago. He was on life-support but did not end up surviving. His mom was doing so great - I was truly amazed. Then last Saturday night one of Ron's students, Henry Ditmar, died in a car crash in Walker. He was one of his favorite students because whenever Ron would ask him how he was doing, he would respond and then ask the same back to Ron, and was truly GENUINE about it. He was always polite and friendly.

Saturday night we made a pizza and watched a movie... and I was just thinking how weird it is that the world just keeps going on, when for some families it is turned upside-down. This is not the first of Ron's students to pass away, and it won't be the last, which is a scary thought. We just have to believe that everything is part of a big plan, and we have faith that it's a beautiful one, even if at times it seems unfair from our limited perspective.

So, moving on to more positive things... we just paid off the first chunk of debt on our list! That will help our snowball get rolling, as we can apply that payment to the next item (and subsequently the payments can get bigger and bigger as we move down the list). It feels good to have a quick "win" like that, and it is quite motivating. Our list is on our refrigerator where we can always be reminded of how we're doing.

Hopefully something cool will happen this week... I have nothing interesting to write about. Until then...

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