Monday, February 02, 2009


Our basement was finished when we bought our house, but it still felt kind of like a basement. We wanted it to feel more inviting, like a real usable living area that you could relax in, without feeling like you were in a basement. We are grateful that it is a daylight basement - but with only one daylight window at the end! Oh well, during the day, plenty of natural light comes in, thanks to the tree-removal in the fall. The bedroom down here has 2 nice daylight windows, and the bathroom has one too. Creative lighting, as we renovate the basement, will be a must. I don't want just overhead lighting, so we're going to incorporate a couple more floor lamps, three some large back-lit panels on one of the larger blank walls, that will serve as an accent light, as well as an art piece. It will also visually anchor the poker table and make it feel like it's in it's own little designated spot. It's a cheap project that we have been working on in our heads, but hasn't begun yet. I keep stressing how important good lighting is in a room, especially one like this where you want to feel cozy, and not like you're in a drug-store.

I have spent the last couple weeks with a dragged-out painting project hanging over my head. Now I am almost done with this one! Our basement, aside from the fact that everything is in disarray, is repainted! Well, the main rec/family area is. We have the same medium sandy gray color, as well as spicy orange/brown accent walls. The hallway, bedroom, and bathroom down here are next on my list, as well as the stairway... but I'm not thinking about that. At the moment I am just trying to enjoy the new warmer, cleaner look. It always amazes me at what a difference it makes in how the space feels. Not to mention we patched holes and the paint covers all the scuffs. We are hoping to replace the carpet with a DIY install later this year. We will probably get a lighter neutral (beige with flecks) Berber or something fairly durable and easy to keep clean, and easy to ride tricycles and push shopping carts on! We're not too picky about the exact color, and are certainly willing to go to the clearance room if we can find enough of the same kind. The basement area we need to carpet is 48 feet long by 12 feet wide. Any suggestions on THE place for carpet? We've been getting it from Columbo's on Port Sheldon, and are very happy with their service, but we aren't as worried about service, delivery, and installation this time around as we are about thriftiness. This actually has the potential to become our favorite place in the house when it's completed to our vision. It might take a little while, but we'll get there. We jsut have to try to be patient (which we usually are not very good at when it comes to home-improvements). By next fall/winter we believe we should have a very nice looking rec-room!

How about that game? I really thought the Cardinals might pull it off, even though I'll admit I was one of the many nay-sayers. Ron had more faith in them than I did, but we both still figured the Steelers would probably win. I don't follow NFL football that much, but I do like to root for the underdog. Oh well, it was still a very exciting game! We had our own little party here (meaning, just us) and I actually ate chicken wings. I tried, but I am sorry - I just can't force myself to love chicken wings! They're too messy and too much work for a tiny little shred of meat, IMO.

Springsteen, and the commercials, were the highlight for me. I think I still love that talking E*Trade baby the most. There were some other really good ones too, which I am sure are all getting lots of hits on YouTube today.

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