Friday, February 20, 2009

That Was Quick....

I can't believe it's already Friday! Ron had Monday and Tuesday off, so the work week (for him) flew by. My work week all blends together, so every day feels pretty much the same! The fact that it's Friday only means that tomorrow morning Ron will be around to drink coffee in his pajama pants with me.

I am excited because in about a week or so, I will be getting a new camera body and a new lens to add to my slowly-growing collection of gear. The new camera body is more of a big deal, because it's a step into the semi-pro / pro level as opposed to the enthusiast/hobbyist level. I'm getting the Canon 40D, which isn't This Year's Model, but in many ways it is equally good (some prefer it) and of course, much less expensive. Canon has a way of cranking out new products so that if you buy something 6 months after it is released, about 6 months to a year later they'll have a new version of the same thing, and the older version drops drastically in price, although it might still be an outstanding product. This is what I gathered from extensive forum and review reading, and also my own experience buying the Canon Rebel Xt (not the Xti which was released right before I got the Rebel Xt. The Xti was preceded the Xsi by such a short amount of time, I am glad I didn't get swindled into spending the extra money, and just went with a reliably nice, but not too outdated camera). Then again, I wouldn't like it if Canon (or your camera manufacturer of choice) wasn't constantly improving their technology. A camera is a little bitty computer in many ways, so the same rules apply. It also helps keep the various companies competitive. Part of me still thinks they pace it out for marketing purposes, but that's their perrogative... being a business and all!

As I noted on Facebook, I am pondering which wide-angle lens to buy. I have learned so much about lenses that it is making my head spin, and it really isn't a simple choice. I want something that isn't going to fall apart or feel cheap, I like the USM, I want it wide but practical for portraits (too wide = too distorted), as I'm not necessarily shooting landscapes and architecture. I love primes, but am being lured by the practicality of zooms (I probably still won't get a zoom though, until I can afford an L series zoom that I know will be as sharp as a prime). I'm thinking third-party brand like Tamron or Sigma because I don't want to pay double, or triple for Canon's name brand, especially since this will be a lens that I use at every session, but definitely not my primary lens. If it is a piece, then I can upgrade in a year or two. By then who knows what will be available!

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