Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Updates

I've been such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately. What's new...

Henry is big. His 6-9 month onesies (brand new out of the package) aren't long enough, and stretch all down by the neck if you snap them at the bottom. Yeesh. He wore an 18 month shirt today. What's the deal? Here he is "sitting up" but it's the kind of sitting up that could easily result in him throwing his weight backward and not being able to maintain balance. I was in arm's reach so he was safe. I had to Photoshop Lucy's naked butt out of the background, however.

I went to a jewelry party at Katie's last night and bought a pair of silver hoop earrings, which I needed. I can never justify purchases like that but I'm glad I got them because I should treat myself to "wants" (not just "needs") from time to time!

I am having a hairdo dilemma. I think I want to keep growing it long, but I go back and forth about whether to have bangs or not. Sometimes I clip them back and like it, other times I think it looks awful. I might even consider getting a wave-perm to give my hair some body, because it couldn't be any thinner or flatter. Then I see people with sleek, angled bobs and think about chopping it all off again. Last time I did that was last April... just as my hair was getting officially "long". I immediately wanted my long hair back. I am so indecisive... help!

I finally removed the tiny little pumpkins from our front porch. Already? you ask... Yeah, I'm on top of things around here. I lifted one by the stem and it came out like pulling a spoon out of a cup of pudding. I had to pick them up with my hands (gross!) and the skin was barely holding them together. Why I let them sit all winter, I do not know. Probably just a case of "I'll take care of that later" meets "out of sight out of mind". I didn't want Valentine's Day pumpkins, so they were chucked into the bushes into ploppy little orange piles. I'm hoping Mother Nature takes care of the rest.

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