Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Preschool Visit

Yesterday I brought Lucy to her future preschool to meet her teacher and check out the classroom. I left Henry with my in-laws and got to spend some time with Lucy alone in the room, and then later with all the other kids. The other kids were all coming up to her, introducing themselves, and Lucy was clearly a bit intimidated. What a difference a year can make (and being accustomed to preschool, which Lucy is of course not)! She quickly discovered that this room had more cool stuff than our house ever will, and was happy to explore by herself, and interact with some of the other kids a little.

During "circle time" someone brought in a doll to pass around for show-and-tell. It got passed to Lucy and I was holding my breath that she wouldn't throw a fit when she had to give it to the next kid, but she got the idea and passed it on, and I was relieved. The doll was a winged sparkly fairy with long hair, no less... probably something she would love to hold on to. In preschool she will learn more about cooperating, following directions, and sharing, and I got a glimpse of how much progress 3 year olds can make in that department over the course of a few months into the school year - and it's pretty amazing. There is a big difference between a not-quite 2 and a half year old, and a room full of 3 and a half year olds who have been in school since September. I am excited to see Lucy mature in the same way.

She did a painting, and played with legos and other toys while I talked to the teacher, who seems really nice and laid-back. I didn't really have any pressing questions, as it seemed like a typical preschool situation. The only "problem" is she will be in the PM session (AM's were full), and will probably have to totally drop her nap (if she hasn't already by then, which she seems close to doing now). Hopefully her nighttime sleep will extend a little later into the morning, so she's not going there already tired and cranky.

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